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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Calendars are helpful tools for everyday life. We can check what day it is with a calendar. We can mark important dates when we have appointments or meetings or other obligations. We can put birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar as reminders so we don't forget those dates for important people in our lives.

You can just print out a calendar grid with the dates for a month or a year and use it, but it is much more enjoyable to add photos or designs to the calendar. Making a personal calendar with your own photos or designs can make a special keepsake calendar.

You could make a family history calendar using photos of your ancestors. Each month different ancestors could be featured on the calendar page. You can also add the birthdates, anniversaries, and death dates of your ancestors to the calendar. You may find more connection with your ancestors as you note the important dates from their lives. You may find that you and your great grandmother share a birthday or that your grandparents were married on the same date you and your spouse were married. Your ancestors contributed greatly to your life. Being reminded of them frequently can make your life more meaningful.

Are you lacking photos of your ancestors so you can't make a complete photo family tree? My favorite place to look for photos of my ancestors is

I have shared photos that I have there, and I have found photos of my ancestors there that others have shared. The following blog has other links you can try to see if you can find photos of your family ancestors there:

You may also want to reach out to your relatives and see if anyone has any photos that they are willing to share with you.

Create a personalized calendar to honor your pets. You could feature photos of your current pets or you can create a memory calendar for a pet you have lost. The calendars featured here are set up for you to personalize with your own photos.

Have you grown a flower garden? If you have photos of those flowers, you could make a personalized calendar featuring your favorite flowers.

If you have a favorite hobby, you could feature it on a calendar. When I discovered fractal art, I was so fascinated with the beautiful designs. I put the designs on cards,

to begin with. Featuring twelve designs on a calendar can bring the pleasure of seeing a different design each month. This calendar is set up so you can replace the designs with ones of your own whether art or drawings or digital art to make it a personal calendar.

The calendars featured here can be set up to start with any date desired. If you need help with customizing your own calendar, please contact me at

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