Creating Memories of Your Pets

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Animals can be an important part of our lives. Saving memories of them can be meaningful in our lives.

When you have cared for a pet they have a place in your heart. If one of them passes on, you suffer grief and loss. A part of you feels like it is gone. Remembering those special pets can bring so much comfort. Surrounding yourself with pictures of your pets is one way to bring peace and comfort into your life. Although I have lost both of the cats in the above picture, when I look at the picture it reminds me of the wonderful times I had with them. I had eighteen years with the orange and white cat and twenty years with the tortoise-shell cat.

“When you have cared for a pet they have a place in your heart


I like seeing photos of my pets. I have one photo of a cat our family had when I was young. I grew up on a farm, and cats were important for rodent control. One year a couple of the cats had kittens. They were all black with varying spots of white. There were thirteen cats. Unfortunately distemper went through the cats and all of the cats died except for one kitten. She is the one I have the photo of.

Following is a blog post about keeping your pets' stories:

Unique and Humorous Pet Poses

Did you catch a unique or humorous pose with one of your pets when you took a photo? Why not put that photo on a Christmas card for a special greeting this year? You could put a series of photos on a calendar where you can enjoy a different photo each month. You could put photos on pillows for your sofa or bed. You could put photos on a mug to put on your desk at work. Surround yourself with that special love you feel from your pets. #pets #photos

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