Dealing with Adversity

One of the best things to do when you are experiencing adversity is to stay positive. Smiling is a great way to be positive. Doing something that makes you feel happy is important to do when you are dealing with a negative situation. Watching something funny like the above video, which turns a situation where you are trying to protect yourself from a contagious disease into a humorous occasion, is good for you. You can turn something that is stressful into something relaxing. If you can't eliminate a bad situation, at least you can make it a little more positive. Read an interesting book. Watch an entertaining movie. Learn a new skill by watching a video about it. Learn the rules to a new game and enjoy playing it. Plant a garden and enjoy fresh food or plant a potted plant and bring a bit of nature inside your home. Play some music and dance. Let some sunshine and fresh air into your home. Get some exercise like going for a walk. Learn something new in your life. Right now most of the world is shut down or quarantined because of the Covid-19 virus. This is a very negative time. Many people cannot work because they work at a place that is considered nonessential. No one is allowed to go to work in that store or workplace. Four members of my family have lost their jobs because of this government-mandated shutdown. It is depressing to not have a regular income. It is depressing to not be able to work at what you have been used to doing. If you need to go shopping for groceries or do other essential things, you are told to not touch your face or to use a face mask. You need to wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer or use gloves in case you encounter the virus. You are told not to go out unless really necessary. No one knows how long this will go on. Effective treatment for the virus has not been proven yet. Government leaders and the media keep harping on the dangers of this virus. Reports are updated each day with how many people test positive for this virus and how many people have died because of the virus. They are counting anyone who died who is assumed to have been affected by the virus as victims of the virus. Fear is prevalent. Uncertainty is prevalent. It is really hard to plan for the future. Thinking back through sad times in my life, I know I did better when I could find something to be happy about. When I was twelve years old, we had a fire that destroyed the main chicken coop that housed the chickens that provided the eggs for our family's business. That day was a difficult day. It was a hot August afternoon. As the firemen were making sure the last embers were put out, I went down into the basement of our house where it was cool. Our little dog, Shorty, followed me. He curled up in my lap. There were tears in my eyes, but that little dog brought me comfort. Now, especially, I look back and smile at the wonderful thought of that little dog's love. My parents talked about how grateful they were that our home was spared from the fire. There had been no wind so the fire didn't spread to any other buildings. They were grateful that the other animals on the farm had not been hurt. They were very grateful none of our family was hurt. They were grateful for the firemen who put out the fire. It was a difficult time, but there were positives. A couple of years later my sister died. She was diagnosed with leukemia and she was not able to do very much for a couple of years before her death. I do remember her choosing to do things like embroidering quilt blocks with the plan to make a quilt. Sometimes when there are limitations, you have to choose to find something you can do despite the limitations. During this time of shutdown, many people are looking for things they can do when they can't do what they normally would do. Because of the recommendation to wear a face mask, many people are looking for a fun or attractive face mask to wear.

If they are used to going out to eat, they are learning to try new recipes and make more exciting food at home. They are looking for new games to play in their home or yard like ping pong or a bag toss game.

They are looking for interesting puzzles to put together.

Since many people are working at home, they are trying to make their home office more enjoyable. They may be adding posters, photographs, or paintings to their walls.

They may get a new mouse pad with your favorite landscape.

They may purchase a new personalized notebook to write in.

They may want a new mug with their favorite flower on it.

A new bathmat or shower curtain can make the bathroom more enjoyable.

New throw pillows can make the living room or bedroom more inviting.

A blanket with a photo of their pet would be nice for a child to cuddle under while reading a book.

Bringing something into your life that makes you smile and brings a little bit of fun into your life is really nice at a time like this. Having something that gives you comfort like a picture of your loved one or your favorite pet makes life more pleasant. Having something interesting to do that keeps your mind focused on something positive instead of the negative can make a big difference in your life.

We can't stop bad things from happening in our lives. We do have to deal with difficult things at times. Focusing on the positive instead of the negative can really help. Writing a gratitude journal may be a good thing to do to keep your focus positive. Take time to look for the good in your life and to bring more good into your life.

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