Does Your Family Know Their Ancestors?

Do members of your family know who their ancestors are? Maybe they know a certain name of one of their ancestors, but they don't know whether that person is their great grandfather on their mother's side or their great, great grandfather on their father's side. They may not know that that person has the same upturned nose that they have or has blonde hair just like them.

So how can you help your family get to know their ancestors? Filling your home and your life with the photos and names of your ancestors could be one way to get your family familiar with their ancestors. Sharing stories is another way to make your ancestors seem more familiar. Talking about the events your ancestors lived through would make them more real. Displaying or using any heirloom items that have been passed down to you would make your ancestors more a part of your family's lives.

Surrounding your family with photos and the names of their ancestors can be done by personalizing many of the everyday items you use with photos of your ancestors. Here is a selection of items that can be personalized with your ancestors.

If your family is gathering for a celebration like a Christmas dinner you could serve some of the food on a custom tray that displays your ancestors.

A serving tray displaying a family tree on a golden sunset.
Family Tree Displayed over a Photo of a Golden Sunset on a Serving Tray

Serve hot drinks such as hot cocoa in mugs featuring your family tree.

Golden sunset with family tree on a mug
A three generation family tree is displayed over a background photo of a golden sunset on a mug

You could display a four-generation family tree on your wall. A dark blue background contrasts with an intricate golden border on this canvas which features four generations of a family.

Hang a wall clock where your guests can see it. Customize this clock with eight of your own family photos. Remind your family that happiness is the conviction that we are loved.

Entertain family members while waiting for dinner with a bingo game featuring family members or with a puzzle of a family tree. Provide a cornhole game that features a family tree. After dinner, the entertainment can continue with some of these fun options.

This bingo card can be customized with your ancestors' names to make a fun game that helps your family learn their ancestors' names.

This bingo card displays photos that can be personalized with your ancestors' photos. This would be a great game for children who can't read yet. You could hold up a photo of an ancestor and the player would put a marker on the ancestor's photo if it is on the bingo card.

This puzzle features four generations of photos and names. The background is blue skies and bare tree branches making this a challenging puzzle

Play a competitive game

Save memories of holiday dinners by keeping a recipe book and filling it with favorite family recipes.

Fill a binder with family photos for an enjoyable activity for family members. Using a binder that features a family tree adds to the enjoyment.

Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments featuring family photos.

Create custom ornaments with photos of your ancestors to make your Christmas tree full of memories.

Seal cards or packages or decorate other items with a unique fractal wreath filled with a family history photo.

Consider other ways you can share your family history with your holiday celebration this year to help your family learn about their ancestors.

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