Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Do you have a green thumb? Have you grown beautiful plants? Do you enjoy pictures of beautiful flowers?

Surrounding yourself with photos of beautiful flowers or plants that you have grown or others around have grown is one way to keep enjoying their beauty even when it is winter or when the plant is no longer alive. You could put up photos on your walls; but, if you put these photos on items you use every day, you will enjoy them even more. A clock on your wall featuring Forget-Me-Not flowers would remind you of their beauty every time you look at the time. A mug with a sunflower will remind you of warm summer days every time you drink out of it. A tote bag with a cluster of lilies will remind you of springtime whenever you carry it. A thank you card with a photo of spider mums will share the beauty of the flowers with the person you are sending thanks to. #photo #personalize #customize

What Do You Like To Grow?

“If you grow something wonderful that you enjoy, take photos. You will then be able to continue to enjoy it's beauty.”

I like to grow flowers and plants that are easy to grow. I especially like plants that come back each year on their own. When we first bought our house, I decided to plant some vegetables. I bought a six-pack of cherry tomatoes and planted them. We enjoyed a lot of cherry tomatoes that summer. The next year those cherry tomatoes reseeded themselves and we had lots of tomatoes again. For the next four or five years, we had cherry tomatoes as they came back each year. I didn't get photos of those cherry tomatoes, so I can only remember them in my mind. #tomato plant

I also planted marigolds. They did pretty well and I enjoyed their orange and burgundy colors in the fall. I didn't replant them the next year, but they came up again every year since then. I still have many marigold volunteers. Sometimes I have way too many and I have to remove them to plant other plants. #marigolds

Sunflowers were another successful plant I tried. They did well and they came up again the next year. They come up every year although sometimes they come up in a new area of my yard. #sunflower

Two years ago I planted Cosmo flowers. They were pretty, and I thought I should buy more seeds the next year and plant them again. To my surprise, the Cosmo flowers came up again without me planting new seeds. I hope they come up again this year. #Cosmoflower

I have neighbors who have beautiful roses that bloom each year. They told me I could pick some of them if I wanted to. I asked them if I could take photos of them. They told me to take as many photos as I liked. So I have several beautiful rose pictures because of their roses. I did try planting a rose bush one year, but it died. So I enjoy the neighbor's roses and let the flowers that volunteer grow and add color to my yard. #roses

One year a friend who worked at the local grocery store gave me a potted lily that was going to be thrown away. I planted it in my yard and for a couple of years, it did really well. I took a photo of it one year when it was growing really well. Unfortunately, it didn't last too long, but at least I have a photo to remember how pretty those lilies were. #lilies

Keep Beauty Visible

Customize your home with items that show off your green thumb. #customize Did you have beautiful roses this year? Take a photo and place it on a mug you use every day at work to bring the beauty with you. Did you plant a new flower that did really well providing you with many pretty blossoms? Take a photo and put it on a tote bag that you take shopping. Did your fruit tree have amazing blossoms this year? Capture a photo and put it on a dishtowel to keep that beauty visible in your kitchen. Were the wild flowers plentiful this year? Snap a photo and put them on a mousepad to see every time you use your computer. You can do this at . You can choose from many items to customize with your own photo. You may select an item that already has a photo on it. If it was posted for sale with a template, then follow the instructions to change the photo on that item to one of your own. If it was not created with a template, you can still replace the photo in the design mode. You can learn how to add your own photo on a blank product with the following video.

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