Halloween Fun

It soon will be autumn. Temperatures start to cool down. Gardens usually produce the most in late summer and early fall. I have a couple of tomato plants that are a pretty good size, but I haven't had any tomatoes that were big enough to eat yet. Just in the past couple of days, I see that there are some tomatoes growing that will soon be ready to eat. Some fruit trees are ready to harvest in the fall. Fall is a beautiful time of year. The different colors of leaves add real beauty to the surroundings.

I have always liked the fall. I like to eat and there are so many fruits and vegetables available in the fall. I love the colored leaves. Even weeds change color in the fall. The whole world is more colorful.

Temperatures cool down. Some days you don't need a cooler or a heater. You can cook without overheating your house. You can put a jacket on when it's cool outside and you can use a blanket at night to stay comfortable.

The fall has some fun holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are enjoyable holidays. As a child, I liked Halloween more. There were parties and treats at school. We dressed up in costumes on Halloween and went Trick or Treating. Before threats of poisoning or razor blades, you would get apples, cookies, and popcorn balls as well as candy. You could wear masks and be anonymous if you wanted too. A friend of mine told me of a time her mother dressed as a ghost with a pillowcase with eyeholes over her head. She went to a party and no one could guess who she was until her son saw her wristwatch and gave it away that she was his mother.

Having fun things around you for Halloween can bring good memories. You can put a Halloween doormat at your front door to greet you or any visitors with a Halloween greeting.

If you carve a jack-o-lantern, you could change the pumpkin cutout to your own cutout. If you have a black cat, you can change the black cat on this mat to a photo of your own black cat. You can get a cutout of your cat without cost by going to https://www9.lunapic.com/editor/ and uploading your photo. Then select Edit and Transparent Background at the bottom of the dropdown menu. You can use the eraser to fine-tune the cutout. Watch this video for instructions: https://youtu.be/maAgTXt4Tm8. You can also use other ways such as Gimp, Photoshop, and other methods of getting a cutout. If you need help with customizing please email me at jen@jenaleefamilystorykeeper.com. You can also choose to use your own photo in place of the black cat and pumpkin. Click on further customization to go into the design field. There you can center the photo where you would like and you can delete the cutout photos of the black cat and the pumpkin. Wouldn't it be fun to greet your visitors with your own pet's photo?

You can wear a T-shirt with a Halloween design.

You can use a Halloween-themed mug to enjoy your warm drinks.

Use sticky notes with a black cat and pumpkin.

Change your cell phone case to a Halloween theme.

Wrap up in a black cat blanket.

Use a backpack or tote bag with a black cat.

Get a black cat puzzle.

Personalize with your own photos to make your Halloween unique and memorable. Make Halloween special this year. Create even more memories with customized items in your life.

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