How to Give a Gift that Will Be Appreciated and Treasured

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

When it comes to gift-giving, it can be challenging to give a gift that will be appreciated and treasured. Knowing the recipient's likes and dislikes will definitely help as you search for a gift for them. Trying to put yourself into their shoes as to how you would feel about the gift if you were them will help. Thinking about what they already own can be helpful too. A personalized gift may be the solution to your gift-giving challenge. A personal photo, a name, or a personal message can make an ordinary gift something special that will be treasured. I remember when I was growing up, the local variety store had necklaces that could be engraved. The necklace may have been something simple like a gold-colored heart shape but could be engraved with initials or a short name to make it a special one-of-a-kind gift. Now with print-on-demand companies like, there is a multitude of gifts that can be personalized to make them special.

Print on demand is a smart way to get a personalized gift. is a site where you can find a wide variety of products that can be personalized. You can find an item that would be useful, delightful, or treasured. One problem with gift-giving is giving a duplicate of an item the recipient already has. If you give a gift that is a duplicate, it can be a welcome gift if it has a unique design, photo, or message despite it being the same type of item as something they already have. It is not exactly the same as the other item. It may have a unique photo on it. It may have a name or a date on it. It may have a unique design. Even an ordinary item becomes special when it has a photo of a pet or a loved family member or a special place. A name or a date makes an ordinary item special. A quote or saying or poem can make an item unique and special.

If you have a friend who has just had a baby, you may want to give a blanket as a gift. Of course, more than one blanket is useful and appreciated. If you personalize the blanket, it makes it a special treasured blanket. One way to personalize a blanket would be to put a photo on it. The blanket below has a tiled photo of two pet cats. Replacing the photo with one of the family's pets would make the blanket a delightful and useful gift. Snuggling with photos of the pet that the child grew up with will make the blanket something the child won't want to let go of. The blanket may well become a keepsake.

Cards are a good place to add photos to make the card more personal. Add a photo of your father on a Father's Day card. Add a photo of grandchildren on a Father's Day card for a grandfather. You can change the wording to be personal with your own message. A personalized card like this will be a keepsake instead of just ending up in the garbage.

A puzzle can be a fun gift. Of course, it would not be fun if the puzzle were a duplicate of another puzzle the recipient already had. Giving a puzzle that was made from a family photo would make the puzzle fun and special. For more of a challenge make a puzzle from photos of ancestors like great grandparents or grandparents when they were young. A puzzle of a favorite pet would be a welcome gift. A puzzle of a favorite place like a park or landmark would make an interesting puzzle.

Even a ping pong paddle can be personalized with a photo. Add a photo of a pet dog or cat to make a unique paddle. Add words or sayings to personalize the paddle. Add a photo of the gift recipient to identify their own paddle. Put a photo on a ping pong ball that matches the paddle to make a fun set.

Personalizing a gift you give will make it special and unique. Here is an example of personalizing a family tree poster. When you find a design that you like, first select the size and the type of paper. The size should be selected before adding photos to make sure the photos will work for the size of the poster. The poster in this example is at the largest size of 15.77" X 12.40". Smaller sizes may be selected. If a larger size is desired, please contact me by email at, and I will help you.

Next click on "personalize this template". A drop-down menu shows all the text and photos that can be customized. Fill in the names for each of the text templates.

For the photo templates, upload a photo of the person individually for each spot. If you have a photo of two people such as a wedding photo, you can crop each person individually. You can do that with a photo editing program before uploading or you can crop the photo by clicking on "customize further" at the end of the personalized templates list. If you have clicked on "customize further" you may have to adjust the photo to the same size as the other photos and position it on the tree. You can turn on gridlines in the bar across the top of the design to help you align the photo. Sometimes with photos that have been cropped or that may not have been taken with a high enough resolution you will receive a notification of a yellow circle with an exclamation point and the message, "This image is larger than its original size and may be blurry or pixelated when your product is produced." There are websites and apps as well as photo editing programs that can increase the resolution of a photo so it won't be blurry. The site I use is Please email me if you need help.

If you don't have a photo of one of your ancestors, you could ask family members if they have a photo you could use. If you find a photo of an ancestor on a family history or genealogy website, you could contact the person who uploaded the photo and ask permission to use the photo. If you cannot get a photo, you could take a photo of something to represent the person. It could be a photo of an heirloom that was handed down to you from them. It could be a photo of a headstone in the cemetery where they were buried. It could be a photo of the house they grew up in. It could be a photo of the town or city they lived in.

When you have the poster looking like you would like it to be, click on add to cart and complete your purchase.

Since the item has to be created especially for you, please remember it will take extra time to receive the item compared to purchasing a ready-made item sitting in a warehouse. Please plan appropriately when ordering it as a gift. Enjoy the feeling of giving a unique personalized gift or enjoy the customized item yourself.

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