How to Keep Your Travel Memories

Traveling can be a lot of fun. Seeing new places and experiencing new things can give us a new perspective on life. You probably take a lot of photos when you travel. You may see new sights that you always want to remember. Some places have beautiful scenes such as state and national parks. Other places are historical and may have buildings or monuments that tell the history of the place. You may visit with family or friends and you may take pictures so you can remember how they were when you visited. You may take pictures of rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, sunsets, or sunrises. You may take pictures of wild animals and farm animals or even your pets at the place you traveled to. You may take a selfie to remind yourself of where you were and what you saw.

One way to preserve your memories is to make a photo album with all of your photos. You could order prints of the photos you have taken and then put them all in a physical album or a scrapbook. Make sure you add the place, the date, names of any people or pets in the pictures, and the reason for the trip. It can be hard to remember when trips were made several years later if you haven't recorded the information. Family members can look like each other and it may be hard to identify who is who later on if it is not recorded. My sister and I looked quite a bit alike as we grew up. After my sister died, my mother went through the family photo box and gave me several photos of my sister and of me. Fortunately, she told me which photos were of my sister and which ones were of me. Without her help, I may not have known which photos were of me and which were of my sister. Since my mother died a short time after she had done that, I was very grateful she had taken the time to identify who was who in the photos. Some of the photos would have been easy to tell like if my brother was in the photo or if the photo was of me and my sister since we were eight years apart in age. But the photos of one us alone or just with our mother or father or with a grandmother would have been difficult to tell.

Another way to preserve the memories is to make a digital photo album on the computer. I find it more challenging to record the information about the photo when it is on the computer. The photos can be backed up on an external drive, a DVD or CD, or online in The Cloud. It is very disappointing if you lose your photos because the way you backed them up no longer works. Smartphones can be a good way to save photos, but again photos can be lost.

You can choose to display your photos in your home or office. Large prints could look very nice on your walls. You could run out of room to display a lot of photos, though. Another way to display photos is to purchase items with special photos on them. A key chain with a favorite photo would be a reminder nearly every day of a great trip.

A nightlight with a photo of a beautiful scene would be rewarding to look at.

A pillow with a photo of a lake you visited would be a nice touch in your living room.

A clock with a colorful sunset would remind you of the beauty every time you check the time.

A mug with a historical courthouse will remind you of your visit there.

There are times in our lives when travel may be limited or not feasible to do or maybe even outlawed. With the current pandemic this year is 2020 travel has been limited. Crossing state lines is sometimes difficult because of state restrictions. If you lost your job because of the lock-down, you may not have had money to travel even though you had time. Flying was restricted, national parks were shut down, many businesses were closed, and travel was discouraged. Having photos of your travel experiences could help when you can't currently travel.

Your travel photos can share your experiences with others. Maybe there was a trip that a member of your family couldn't go on. The photos could help that person see what the trip was like. Children may enjoy the photos especially as they get older and may forget about what the trip was like. Everyone who went on the trip may benefit from the preserved memories of the trip that the photos provide.

Help keep your travel memories alive by surrounding yourself with photos of the trips. Add some photos to your life by personalizing the things you surround yourself with. Fill your life with joy by remembering the wonderful times you have had whenever you travel.

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