How To Personalize a Family Tree

A family tree with your own ancestor's photos is a great decor statement in your home. Seeing the photos and names of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents is a great way to get to know your ancestors. Keeping the memories of those who came before you can help you understand why your family is the way it is.

Our ancestors have both positive and negative traits just like we do. Their lives have helped shape our lives. Our ancestors' decisions of where to live, what kind of work to do, who to marry, how to spend their spare time, what to believe, who to spend time with, and many other things in their lives have had an effect on our lives. If you had an ancestor who came from another country, that definitely affected your life by making you a citizen of a different country than their homeland. Your ancestor's love for their new country can lead to you having a strong feeling of patriotism. The decision to marry obviously affected what genetics you would have in your life. People often choose to marry someone like their parents or may be determined to marry someone without a problem one of their parents had like alcoholism or domestic violence. The kind of work your ancestors did could affect how you look at work and what kind of work you choose to do. If your mother was a school teacher and loved teaching the students, you may also want to teach. If an ancestor had to work in difficult circumstances such as an underground mine, you may choose to get training or education to avoid having to work in such conditions yourself. The beliefs and values of your ancestors can affect what you believe and value. If they value hard work, you will probably value hard work also. The things an ancestor did in their spare time can affect what you enjoy doing. If you went fishing with a grandpa, you probably have good memories of it and may want to spend a lot of your spare time fishing too. If a spare time activity such as gambling created problems, you will probably try to avoid gambling to avoid those problems. By learning about your ancestors you can understand why you were taught some of the things you were taught. You can also understand the attitudes of your parents or grandparents more if you know what happened to them in their lives. You may feel more gratitude for your ancestors or you may feel more compassion and be more willing to forgive them. Everyone has done both good and bad things. We all are in need of being forgiven and being understood. Displaying your family tree will help you get to know your family ancestors and may develop a desire to learn more about them.

To create a family tree you will need photos of each ancestor and their names. Go through your photo albums and select the photos you want in your tree. Scan the photos to your computer or smartphone and then upload them to images at Check for the names of each ancestor and double-check the spelling. If you lack photos or names, check with other family members. You may find more information on a family history website like or try to do a search in a search engine for a family member's name. You may find information in newspapers or books. You may also find burial information at sites like or I found a couple of my ancestors on One family line has a series of books about the family compiled from diaries and journals and historical records. You may find information on your family by searching for your family's names.

Some of your photos may not be big enough to display well in the family tree chart, so you may want to resize the photo to make it large enough for the size of chart you select. You can try a site like to resize your photos. You may also want to crop a photo to remove other people or remove distracting features from the photo. You might want to change a color photo to black and white, or you may want to colorize a black and white photo. If you have a paid photo editor, you can use that. If you don't, there are other options. Here is a list of sites (many of which are free or may have a small monthly fee):

Following is a short video on editing a family tree. Hopefully this video will help you create your own family tree. If you need further help, please contact me Again please contact me at

Making a family tree to display in your home can be a very rewarding project. I would love to help you personalize your family tree and make it a treasured part of your home.

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