Planning a Family Reunion Filled with Memories

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Family Reunions are occasions filled with love, fun, and memories. Family Reunions can be a small get-together of two or more family members or a big gathering of generations in a family. Reunions can be held at Thanksgiving or Christmas or another holiday or on an occasion like the birth of a baby or a wedding or a funeral. A special date can also be designated for the reunion that isn't associated with anything else.

My father's family gathered for a potluck dinner together on Memorial Day when many of his brothers and sisters came to the cemetery where his parents were buried. When the school in the town was turned into a community center, they rented it for the day. A talent show was part of the entertainment and each sibling's family was to provide at least one talent act. Over the years as the family grew bigger and bigger the reunion was held at parks with lots of picnic tables, and eventually, it became a weekend event over Labor Day at a campsite. All of the brothers and sisters have passed away, yet the cousins continue to plan and hold the reunion each year.

You may want to make a special invitation to the reunion. It could be sent to all the family members. If anyone cannot attend the reunion, they would still have a little memento with the invitation. Here is an idea for an invitation that displays the family tree with photos and names. The invitation is completely customizable. Photos and names of family members are set up to be changed to your own family photos and names. Even the background photo can be changed to one of your own photos. The photo could be taken of where the reunion will be held or it could be a home or a church or a special place for the family in the community that could make the invitation a special keepsake even for those who can't attend the reunion.

If the reunion is being held in a new or unfamiliar place, you may need signs or banners to show the way to the reunion and reassure family members that they are in the right place.

Display a poster featuring your family tree in a prominent place at the reunion. Customize it with family photos and names. You can even customize with a background photo of trees or landscapes or places that are significant to your family. A blue tapestry with a golden sunset behind the three-generation family tree for a couple would be nice to share with your family.

Feature a beautiful sunset behind a four-generation family tree for your family to see.

Hang a canvas print with a four-generation family tree in gray and yellow.

Share a four-generation family tree with a springtime tree full of pink blossoms with a butterfly.

Display a poster of a couple's four-generation family tree with a fractal tree in the background.

Display a collage of family photos with the quote, "The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved."

T-shirts could be worn displaying the family tree.

You may want to have name tags so everyone can get to know each other.

Placemats printed with your family tree could be used for a family meal.

A table runner with the family tree on it can be used on a serving table.

Serve food on family-tree decorated trays.

Labels on the water bottles can add another custom touch to your reunion.

Playing games can be a fun part of a family reunion. Personalize the games with your family members. Play a bingo game with photos or names of family members.

Play a game of frisbee.

Have a cornhole tournament.

Provide a puzzle with your family tree to put together.

Use a tote bag that features your family tree to carry supplies in.

Use a personalized binder to keep family photos and stories.

Momentos from the reunion may be provided.

A mug with a family tree would make a nice momento.

A mousepad could also be a nice momento.

A photo block displaying your family tree would be another nice momento.

A throw pillow would be another way to display the family tree.

Another keepsake is a wall clock featuring your family tree.

A blanket with a family tree is another great keepsake.

Plan a special family reunion using a family tree theme. Any of the featured products in this post can be viewed for more details by following the links below the pictures of the items. Other items are also available. Personalize any products to make your family reunion a unique one.

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