Playing With Patterns

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Patterns are an interesting part of life. Everyday objects that are repeated in patterns can add a unique touch to your home decor.

Patterns are all around us. Nature is full of patterns. We can also create patterns. Patterns can be created with tools or equipment. Here are a couple of photos of flowers taken with a kaleidoscope lens on a smartphone camera.

The result has an ethereal effect. It seems to create a bouquet of flowers out of one flower. The photo takes on a feeling of a painting.

The following kaleidoscope picture was created from a red-edged carnation at This creates a beautiful pattern that looks like it could be a new kind of flower. It is interesting to try making a kaleidoscope from a photo. Several variations can be made.

Nature is full of patterns. Flowers, plants, and trees all have repeating patterns. This Hollyhock stalk has several flowers which creates a beautiful pattern.

Animals often have repeating patterns which may help to provide camouflage for them to protect them from predators. Many of their patterns are so beautiful that we may create clothing with those patterns on them.

Fractals occur in nature such as flowers, snowflakes, crystals, and even galaxies. The following fractal was created with Apophysis which is an open-source fractal flame editor and renderer.

Many of the things we use in our lives are filled with patterns. We can choose to surround ourselves with patterns that are pleasing to us and that make life interesting and enjoyable. We can also enjoy creating new and unique patterns with many tools available to us on the internet.

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