Remembering Memories

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We all have memorable experiences in our lives. We have significant people in our lives that we always will remember. We have been to beautiful places that we want to remember. We have had exciting experiences that we hope to remember. There are many things in our lives that we want to remember forever.

Photos are one small way to capture memories. Seeing those photos often brings back memories. The photo on this page is one of my parents. It reminds me of the love they had for each other and the love they shared with me. Looking at the photos frequently can remind us of the good memories.

Putting photos where they can be seen often will bring memories back more often. Photos can be displayed on a wall or in a photo album. Photos can be put on items we use frequently. A photo on a mug to use at work can bring happy memories to the workplace. Photos on a mouse pad will put memories beside your computer. Photos on a key chain will keep memories close to you whenever you leave home. A doormat with a photo of a favorite place can bring you happiness every time you come home. A t-shirt with your favorite saying will encourage you every time you wear it. A blanket with photos of your family and friends can make you feel loved each time you wrap up in it. A shower curtain with a photo of your favorite flower will fill your life with beauty each time you take a shower. A notebook with a photo of your cat will give you a cozy feeling. A tote bag with a photo of your dog will remind you of his loyalty. A calendar with a different photo each month reminds you of special events from the past as well as being a place to mark events in the coming year. Photos of our loved ones who have passed on are special reminders wherever they are placed and they keep those precious memories alive for us.

With this website, I hope to share ideas of how you can keep your memories visible in your life. Displaying photos on every day things that you use often can cheer you and encourage you. Surround yourself with special photos that uplift you. #memories #photos

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