Ways to Say, "I Love You"

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Saying "I Love You" is an important way to let others know you love them. There are many ways to say I love you.

The most obvious way to say, "I Love You" is to speak the words out loud to the person you want to know that you love them. You can also say informal things like "love ya" or more formal like "you are loved." You can express love with other phrases like "I appreciate you", "you are the best", "thanks for being here", "you're wonderful" and many other positive phrases. The real key is the meaning or intention behind what is said. Just saying, "I Love You," can be empty words if love is not really felt. The words can even be manipulative as a way to get what you want. So words alone may not be enough to let someone know you love them. The words should be said and should be backed up with real meaning behind them if you want to let someone know you love them.

Writing About Your Love

For some people, a card or a letter with the words expressing love is appreciated very much. Having the words written down means they can be read over and over again. It also makes the words more concrete and permanent. Taking the time to write about your love can make it more meaningful. Words written in a poem or song about your love can be a very special way to share love.

Give Service to Show Your Love

When you do something for someone else, you show your love. Doing a chore like taking out the garbage or doing the dishes that the one you love would normally do is a way to show love. Giving a foot massage or a back rub can show your love. Cleaning up a mess without complaint shows love. Choosing to go to the restaurant your loved one wants to go to instead of the one you want to go to is an act of love. Spending time listening is a great act of service that is probably one of the best ways to show love.

Giving Gifts Can Show Love

Giving a gift to someone you love is also a way to show love. If you have spent time thinking about what he or she wants, that is an act of love. Spending your money on the gift instead of spending it on yourself is an act of love. Finding the perfect gift can be hard. But wanting to give something does show your love. Sometimes you may only be able to give something small, but if you really wanted to give something it does show your love.

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