Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Sometimes simple, minimalistic designs are more appealing.

An intricate design can be very interesting to view. Lots of colors, lots of patterns and lots of words can be more engrossing. Yet, a single object in a design, a single word or phrase or a simple pattern can be more striking and attention getting.

“A single word or phrase or a simple pattern can be more striking and attention getting.”

More doesn't necessarily mean better. If you overeat, you can end up miserable and not really enjoying what you just ate. If you exercise too much, you can end up with sore muscles and may feel so stiff that you don't want to move. If you sleep too much, you may end up feeling more tired. Moderate and simple things can often make life better.

Some Simple Examples

A single flower, a cut geode, or a sleeping cat are simple designs yet they can be beautiful and interesting designs. With simplicity you can truly focus on one object in the design. The beauty of a geode can be highlighted by just focusing on the geode. A single carnation or rose spotlights the unique beauty of that flower. A photo of a sleeping cat focuses on the unique personality of that pet.

If you have a pet, take a photo of your favorite pet and focus on it's charm. If you grow a garden or receive a bouquet of flowers, take a photo of a single bloom instead of the whole bouquet to bring out the real beauty of the flowers. If you are a rockhound, take a photo of one of your rocks or geodes, and capture the individual beauty in that rock.

So instead of adding more and more, focus on a limited view and bring out more details and make your designs uniquely interesting.

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